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Pet Advice

Winterizing Your Dog

Keeping your pets safe from the elements of cold weather is extremely important to their health and overall well being. Follow these tips and you will have a happy pet during the periods of the year when we experience freezing temperatures. Be aware of cold temperatures. Smaller dogs and older dogs should not be left outside when temperatures falls below …

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Celebrate World Spay Day!

Are you wondering what in the world, world spay day is? World Spay Day is a day that allows animal lovers to come together as a community across the globe to educate and highlight the subject of spay/neuter as a means of saving the lives of companion animals, feral cats and street dogs who might otherwise be euthanize in a …

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How Guide Dogs Help the Disabled

Founded in 1981, MIRA provides service dogs to the visually impaired or otherwise disabled to help them live their lives independently. Funded solely by volunteer donations and the generous contributions of companies such as Eukanuba, these dogs are provided free of charge to recipients. The organization utilizes specific breeding techniques, and has even invented its own specialized breed for this …

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Owning an elderly Pet

Being the owner of a pet that is reaching their senior years is just another journey into the wonderful life of an animal. Making sure your pet is healthy becomes a more critical part of them growing older with you. Check out this fact-filled data infographic from BlogPaws about senior pets, that is not only fun but informative.

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