Animal Rescues

A Helping Wing: Parrot Rescue & Sanctuary

A Helping Wing is a registered non-profit parrot rescue located in Warren County, New Jersey launched by John and Jeanne Gilligan. A Helping Wing works with all types of birds and has the ultimate goal to find the best possible home for every bird in need. About: Dedicated to finding adoptive homes for parrots. Educate families about the the responsibilities …

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Garden State German Shepherd Rescue

The Garden State German Shepard Rescue (GSGSR) is an all-volunteer non-profit organization committed to helping rescue German Shepherds throughout New Jersey and the surrounding areas. The volunteers at GSGSR are dedicated to providing veterinary care, evaluation and adoptive homes for German Shepherd Dogs who are left behind in pounds, are owner surrenders, or are from abuse or neglect situations. About …

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Lab to Leash Program

The Beagle Rescue, Inc’s lab to leash program is a program designed to help dogs retiring from research facilities find new loving homes. Beagles are used as search-and-sniff dogs for the U.S. Customs and Boarder Patrol, as members of the “Beagle Brigade” to sniff out illegal produce for U.S. Department of Agriculture and even work as bedbug-sniffing dogs. Additionally, Beagles are …

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The Beagle Rescue League

The Beagle Rescue League, Inc. is a non profit organization that was launched in January 2011 by co-founders Patricia Scully and Carolyn Sterner. It is licensed as a breed rescue for the purpose of rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing unwanted beagles. About: Rescued beagles in The Beagle Rescue League program come from shelters, research facilities and through animal control officers. With …

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T & D’s Cats of the World


T & D’s Cats of the World provide permanent refuge to animals that are in need. The Mattive family who run’s T &D’s has one of the largest exotic wildlife rescue organization’s in Pennsylvania. They are not funded by the government and therefore use their own personal income to offer a better life for animals that have come to them …

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