T & D’s Cats of the World

T & D’s Cats of the World provide permanent refuge to animals that are in need. The Mattive family who run’s T &D’s has one of the largest exotic wildlife rescue organization’s in Pennsylvania. They are not funded by the government and therefore use their own personal income to offer a better life for animals that have come to them from different circumstances that include mistreatment, abuse and abandonment from owners. Every year T & D’s open up their wildlife home to educate the public on exotic animals and to deter them from owning these animals as “pets.” Their 40 acres of forest is surrounded by lions, tigers, mountain lions and more. They strive to provide the best care for their animals and welcome all size donations. To learn more about T & D’s Cats of the World visit their website or you can follow them on Facebook.

Pet Pics Daily recently had a chance to meet with one of T & D’s big cats Azzie, the Bengal Tiger at the Greater Philadelphia Pet Expo. Check out some of the pics from the show.

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