Dog Parks 101

Being interactive and social should be a part of every dogs life. What dog doesn’t love to run around and play? Dogs are pack animals by nature who seek the companionship of other dogs. One of the great things that are starting to increase around many cities across the country are dog parks. If you already take your dog to …

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National Puppy Day!

March 23rd is National Puppy Day! This day is a day to remember the love and happiness puppies bring into our lives. But more importantly, it’s also a day to help save those orphaned puppies across the world and educate the masses about the atrocities of puppy mills. National Puppy Day is an international holiday as it trended worldwide on Twitter …

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Dog Marley Celebration

February 6, 2014 would have been the 69th birthday of the legendary, internationally famed reggae artist Bob Marley. In honor of this special day we bring to you many sides of Dog Marley. Check out these 10 cool pics mon! One Love woof woof! Dog Marley

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Valentine’s Day With Your Pooch

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and whether or not you have a significant other we have some ideas to make the day even more unique, special and remarkable with your canine friend: Spend some some quality time with your pet – schedule a “pet spa day” and spoil your pup. I know I love a warm bath, massage and blow …

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The Evolution Of Dogs

This morning while watching my Brussels-Griffon play with his Goldendoodle friend Marley, got me thinking about how our canine friends can be so aesthetically different from one another, and how that came to be. After a little research, we have discovered that just like us humans our canine friends have gone through the stages of evolution originating from the grey …

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#1 DIY Dog Halloween costumes

Halloween Costumes

Americans will spend about $330 million on costumes for their pets this season, according to a National Retail Federation survey.  13% of American pet owners include their pets in their Halloween fun.  This equates to 22 million pet costumes sold in 2013 according to News Week. Here’s a look at ten do-it-yourself costumes for your pet—to save you a few dollars and …

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