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Billy Corgan Featured In PAWS Chicago

PAWS Chicago

After all of these years, Billy Corgan front man from the alternative rock band Smashing Pumpkins, is still head over heels for his favorite felines Sammi and Mr.Thom. They were adopted by the rocker from PAWS, 10 years ago. In support of the organization that he adopted his kitties from, Corgan has raised thousands of dollars by auctioning off private …

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Woofipeida By American Kennel Club

The American Kennel Club has released Woofipedia, an app that brings together the social features that we all love, as well as time passing games and activities. New dog picture contests are featured daily on Woofipedia with themes such as “coolest dogs” and “dog naps” for those social media lovers out there. Users earn WOOF points and badges for participating …

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DoggyDatez App

Do you walk your dog on the same route day after day? Do you run into the same dogs and owners on your daily walks? Well we have a new app for you – DoggyDatez. DoggyDatez is a location-based mobile social platform for dog owners and their dogs to make friends with owners and dogs in the surrounding area. In …

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Anna Fenninger Olympic Gold Medalist and CCF Ambassador

Austria’s Anna Fenninger is not only an Olympian athlete but has also been busy as a steadfast advocate for the Cheetah Conservation Fund, and an European CCF Ambassador. Fenninger and Cheetah’s have one very important characteristic, they’re both extremely fast. Cheetah’s are the fastest land animal, clocking speeds of 70 mph while Fenninger had the fastest time in the ladies’ alpine …

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