Celebrities and their Pets: Florence Welch and Missus

florencewelch_smFlorence Welch, singer of world renowned musical group Florence and the Machine, wasn’t kidding around when she said “the dog days are over”. Okay, I know enough of the bad jokes, well Florence recently welcomed a new member to her south London home, Missus. Missus is a four- year-old tortoiseshell cat which she adopted from the Battersea Dogs and Cats home.

“I decided to rehome a rescue cat because I’m at home quite a lot work on my third album and it will be lovely to have a cat around the house again,” Florence said. “I’ve had two cats before and decided to get a rescue cat because it felt like the right thing to do.” Florence chose Battersea Dogs and Cats Home because she said she used to see the shelter on her way to school, thus naturally making it the first place that came to mind when she thought to adopt a cat.

“I chose Missus because she was extremely friendly and, straight away, she came to sit on my lap where she seemed to make herself very comfortable. She’ll be a very good writing partner and we’ll probably spend lots of time together.” said Florence. We love the “adopt don’t shop” mentality taken, think Florence and Missus will make some beautiful music together and cannot wait for some feline inspired music on her third album!

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