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The Healing Power Of Cat Purrs

The soft humming of a cat purring is a satisfying sound, it means your cat is happy and content which in turn makes you happy and content. But a cats purr can be medically therapeutic for many illnesses such as high blood pressure, healing bones and reducing risk of heart attack. Check out the fact-filled info graphic designed by Gemma …

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Cat Facts

Did you ever wonder why they say a cat has nine lives? The myth is attributed to the fact that a cat for some inexplicable reason has a way of dodging serious injuries when they fall from high places. Their keen sense of balance gives them the ability to reposition and find their center when falling in an awkward position. …

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The Worlds Longest Cat

“Stewie” a fluffy feline from Reno Nevada was measured at 48.5 inches from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail earning him the Guinness Book of World Records title as the Longest Cat. Mymains Stewart Gilligan unfortunately passed away from cancer on February 4, 2013 but his record will live on.

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In Honor of National Cat Day

Cats have been associated with humans for 10,000 years and are currently the most popular pet in the world. Because of cats close association with humans, cats are now found in almost every corner of the world. PetPicsDaily has compiled pictures of today’s 20 Cute Cats. Please share these pictures with other cat lovers!

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