In Honor of National Cat Day

Cats have been associated with humans for 10,000 years and are currently the most popular pet in the world. Because of cats close association with humans, cats are now found in almost every corner of the world. PetPicsDaily has compiled pictures of today’s 20 Cute Cats. Please share these pictures with other cat lovers!

145302021_408477897a_zSleeping Cat

cute-catsBaby Cats



cute_cats_008Toy Cat



cute-cats-pictures-1Lonely Cat

cute_kitten_03_by_gamebalanceCute cat

friends_-_dog_and_cat_wallpaper_f608bDog and Cat

christmas_cats_by_shadowhidingVery Young

cats_by_buketlovely-d37gwysCool Cats

253605943_1e100be0b3_zBig Eyes Cat

3986464973_dafe000aff_zBaby Cat

4305303148_5cbc986a44_zOld Cat

5187257384_f63c4cf4e1_zBroken Heart

65352189_5a3aa2dc80_zInnocent Cat

65_cute_cats_wallpapers_hq__1600x1200__www-hqpictures-tk-62-jpg_cat_42Smart Cat

7051136579_74261c7025_zBlack Cat


funny-cats-and-kittens-wallpapers-1White Beauty

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