National Love Your Pet Day

kissadogToday is National Love Your Pet Day! We went the extra mile to show our pet how much we really love him by buying him a new fetch toy, which you better believe we’re planning on playing with until he can’t play fetch anymore. After that, we have some special, homemade, all natural, dog treats for a mid play time snack – we opted for the basic dog biscuits, only because the frozen peanut butter yogurt treats are soooo good looking we’re scared we’ll eat them before our pet does! After that it’s dinner time, a long walk, a cuddle session of heavy petting and belly rubbing for our beloved, and maybe a late night selfie to make everyone else jealous.

And yes, we know and agree that everyday is “love your pet day” but today is the official day so take a moment to show your pet extra love and let us know how you do in the comments section below!

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