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Anna Fenninger Olympic Gold Medalist and CCF Ambassador

Austria’s Anna Fenninger is not only an Olympian athlete but has also been busy as a steadfast advocate for the Cheetah Conservation Fund, and an European CCF Ambassador. Fenninger and Cheetah’s have one very important characteristic, they’re both extremely fast. Cheetah’s are the fastest land animal, clocking speeds of 70 mph while Fenninger had the fastest time in the ladies’ alpine …

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Yappy – Pharrell parody

Have you heard Pharrell’s newest hit “Yappy”? No no no, not Happy – Yappy! Yappy is a parody of Pharell’s hit song “Happy” about Chris and Marissa and their 8 rescue dogs: Gremlin, Meatball, Money, The Stig, Moses, Tejas, Quinn and Sammy. Chris and Marissa have shot an original music video staring all 8 canines and altered the original lyrics …

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