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Free ASPCA Pet Safety Pack

Who doesn’t love free things?  Well right now,  the ASPCA is offering a free safety pack which includes a pet rescue window decal which alerts rescue personnel that pets are inside the home and an ASPCA Animal Poison Control center magnet. Keep the ASPCA’s toll-free emergency number and website handy for that time of need. Sign up with a two …

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March is Poison Prevention Month

March is poison prevention month with special attention to the week of March 16-22, which is known as national poison prevention week. Did you know that many substances found in and around your home can be dangerous to your pets? It is important to be aware of your surroundings just like childproofing your home, pet owners should pet proof their homes. …

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Winterizing Your Dog

Keeping your pets safe from the elements of cold weather is extremely important to their health and overall well being. Follow these tips and you will have a happy pet during the periods of the year when we experience freezing temperatures. Be aware of cold temperatures. Smaller dogs and older dogs should not be left outside when temperatures falls below …

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Training a Guard Dog

Are you interested in training your dog to be not only a pet but a guard dog? One must properly understand the role of a guard dog versus a personal protector to ensure training and functionality goals are met. A guard dog is used more for a business, to alert owners there is an intruder without command or provocation. While …

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Red Cross Pet First Aid App

In today’s technologically driven world apps are a common place thing, and therefore it was simply a matter of time before pet specific apps were created and rose in popularity. Although there are already a few pet first aid apps out there, the recently launched “Pet First Aid” app by the American Red Cross seems to be one of the …

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