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How to Remove A Tick From a Dog

remove ticks from dogs

 Parasites are pests that feed off of host creatures and ticks are some of the most noticeably awful ones. It’s important that every pet owner know how to remove a tick from their dog and do it safely without harming their pet or making the issue worse. Here’s a video that explains the best way to expel ticks from …

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Keep Your Dog Cool During The Summer

Panting dog

During the summer months it is very important to make sure that your canine is cool and comfy. Extremely warm temperatures can cause your dog to have heat stroke which could be fatal if it’s not detected early. Know the signs of overheating: Panting hard Tongue appears bright red Acts sluggish or confused Check out this cool and informative info-grapahic …

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Find Top Pet Insurance Companies

Many pet owners consider their animals as members of their family. Just like humans seeing a doctor, pets require a veterinary for check ups from time to time. These visits can be costly and this is why many pet owners are inclined to spend whatever is necessary to ensure they receive the best medical care for what they are paying …

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March is Poison Prevention Month

March is poison prevention month with special attention to the week of March 16-22, which is known as national poison prevention week. Did you know that many substances found in and around your home can be dangerous to your pets? It is important to be aware of your surroundings just like childproofing your home, pet owners should pet proof their homes. …

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The Healing Power Of Cat Purrs

The soft humming of a cat purring is a satisfying sound, it means your cat is happy and content which in turn makes you happy and content. But a cats purr can be medically therapeutic for many illnesses such as high blood pressure, healing bones and reducing risk of heart attack. Check out the fact-filled info graphic designed by Gemma …

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Celebrity Groomer Jorge Bendersky

Grooming your pet doesn’t necessarily need to take place at the groomer. You can groom your dog at home without the expenses and trouble associated with going to a professional groomer; Jorge Bendersky’s guide DIY Dog grooming, From Puppy Cuts to Best in Show, will teach you the ins and outs of home grooming. “While you can make excuses not to …

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Pet Holidays

There are many days throughout the year in which we honor our beloved pets. Sometimes its a special day and other times it’s a month long celebration that helps spread awareness to the public on animals and pet health-related observances. Check out our month by month special pet holidays listing and be in the know. January Pet Holidays National Train …

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Foods You shouldn’t Feed Pets

Everyone loves to spoil their pets and some of the time we can’t help sharing what we are munching on with our furry friends. But there are some foods that we love to eat that are harmful to our friends. See the infographic designed by Victoria Cao and read through what is not and what is okay to feed your pets. We were surprised to see …

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