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Dog Parks 101

Being interactive and social should be a part of every dogs life. What dog doesn’t love to run around and play? Dogs are pack animals by nature who seek the companionship of other dogs. One of the great things that are starting to increase around many cities across the country are dog parks. If you already take your dog to …

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Behavior of Small Dogs vs Large Dogs

Just like humans, dogs were not all created the same – some are large, some are small, some have short hair, some have long, some are soft, while others are rough. Naturally people are drawn to certain breeds for personal and aesthetic needs.  Internationally acclaimed Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan believes and addresses how physical disparity causes pet owners to train and …

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House Training A Puppy Or Dog

Making sure that your puppy is house trained is very important especially if they are going to be spending most of their time indoors. Puppies need to be trained properly in order to understand that it is not okay for them to go potty in the house. This video will explain what you need to look out for when you …

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