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Keep Your Dog Cool During The Summer

Panting dog

During the summer months it is very important to make sure that your canine is cool and comfy. Extremely warm temperatures can cause your dog to have heat stroke which could be fatal if it’s not detected early. Know the signs of overheating: Panting hard Tongue appears bright red Acts sluggish or confused Check out this cool and informative info-grapahic …

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Dog Parks 101

Being interactive and social should be a part of every dogs life. What dog doesn’t love to run around and play? Dogs are pack animals by nature who seek the companionship of other dogs. One of the great things that are starting to increase around many cities across the country are dog parks. If you already take your dog to …

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The Healing Power Of Cat Purrs

The soft humming of a cat purring is a satisfying sound, it means your cat is happy and content which in turn makes you happy and content. But a cats purr can be medically therapeutic for many illnesses such as high blood pressure, healing bones and reducing risk of heart attack. Check out the fact-filled info graphic designed by Gemma …

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Foods You shouldn’t Feed Pets

Everyone loves to spoil their pets and some of the time we can’t help sharing what we are munching on with our furry friends. But there are some foods that we love to eat that are harmful to our friends. See the infographic designed by Victoria Cao and read through what is not and what is okay to feed your pets. We were surprised to see …

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How To Understand Pet Food Labels

Marketing and the language used on labels and advertisements play a large role in how we as consumers select our pets foods.To maintain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle it is important that your pet gets the correct nutrients it needs. Take the time to educate yourself on what your pet is really consuming and not what advertising is feeding you. …

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The Evolution Of Dogs

This morning while watching my Brussels-Griffon play with his Goldendoodle friend Marley, got me thinking about how our canine friends can be so aesthetically different from one another, and how that came to be. After a little research, we have discovered that just like us humans our canine friends have gone through the stages of evolution originating from the grey …

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Owning an elderly Pet

Being the owner of a pet that is reaching their senior years is just another journey into the wonderful life of an animal. Making sure your pet is healthy becomes a more critical part of them growing older with you. Check out this fact-filled data infographic from BlogPaws about senior pets, that is not only fun but informative.

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Saving Your Pet With CPR

With pets increasingly being treated like a member of the family, many owners are learning emergency techniques like CPR to keep their pet alive before brining it to a veterinarian. If you are are unsure about using any of these techniques, please consult with your vet. Watch This Video Of A Dog Trainer Administering CPR

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