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House Training A Puppy Or Dog

Making sure that your puppy is house trained is very important especially if they are going to be spending most of their time indoors. Puppies need to be trained properly in order to understand that it is not okay for them to go potty in the house. This video will explain what you need to look out for when you …

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Bad Food For Dogs

Sharing food with your dog may seem like a harmless thing to do but, you must  be mindful of certain foods that can be fatal to their health. Here’s a list of some of the food’s that you shouldn’t give your dog. Grapes A delicious and health conscious fruit for humans but a real problem for dogs. When a dog …

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Travel With Your Pet

One of the hardest things about traveling if you have a pet is knowing how you can include them in your plans. Whether you are traveling with a cat or dog there are some things to keep in mind. A number of airlines that allow you to travel with your pet include United, American Airlines and Delta Airlines. If you plan …

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