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Lab to Leash Program

The Beagle Rescue, Inc’s lab to leash program is a program designed to help dogs retiring from research facilities find new loving homes. Beagles are used as search-and-sniff dogs for the U.S. Customs and Boarder Patrol, as members of the “Beagle Brigade” to sniff out illegal produce for U.S. Department of Agriculture and even work as bedbug-sniffing dogs. Additionally, Beagles are …

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Training a Guard Dog

Are you interested in training your dog to be not only a pet but a guard dog? One must properly understand the role of a guard dog versus a personal protector to ensure training and functionality goals are met. A guard dog is used more for a business, to alert owners there is an intruder without command or provocation. While …

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How Guide Dogs Help the Disabled

Founded in 1981, MIRA provides service dogs to the visually impaired or otherwise disabled to help them live their lives independently. Funded solely by volunteer donations and the generous contributions of companies such as Eukanuba, these dogs are provided free of charge to recipients. The organization utilizes specific breeding techniques, and has even invented its own specialized breed for this …

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